Remember last time I ranted about Kuoky not writing back to me? I ran into this blog post and it pinches me. Can’t help feeling a bit sad.

Well, but these facts straighten myself:
– Kuoky is damn busy. He goes to work at 7A.M and comes home at 9P.M. He has no time to write anything for me during working hours and once he reaches home, he just wants to rest. I understand that.
– Kuoky is not the one who would express himself through words. He would take care of me in other more practical ways. He braved the heavy rain on an early Sunday morning to go to the wet market in order to get some fresh seafood for a decent lunch. He would get up early to do the laundry and clean up the room while I’m still sleeping. He would get mad at me if I stay up too late and couldn’t wake up in the next morning. I acknowledge that.
– Kuoky is always the one who gives in to me. When he gets mad, I get mad. When I get mad, he gently soothes me and calms me down. His tolerance for me is very high. I know.

Okay! Feeling much better. I love my bf, every single bits :***


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