my inbox stats

Look at my colorful inbox!

I did a quick stats on Excel and here’s the result.

Let me explain the colors and the numbers

InspiringYouths:  Green is my most favorite color, so I use it for the most favorite activity that I’m doing also. Whenever, I see Green, I’m feeling refreshing and motivated. Similarly for InspiringYouths, whenever I’m working on it, I’m feeling great.

It has the highest percentage of all. Meaning it’s the most important and active work that I’m doing!

Family: Purple is the color of loyalty and calmness. Obviously, family must be the one that I’m the most loyal to and the one that backs me up greatly when I’m feeling down.

It has the second highest percentage of all. Rather important stuffs to me!

Kuoky: Blue is the color of peace. I’m peaceful when I’m with you. He’s the third important thing to me after work and family.

Jenny.nguyenvh: Important and serious stuffs. Interviews and appointments all come through this inbox.

Mien Trung: Light orange means something fresh and exciting. It means new opportunities too which truly represents the project mien Trung I’m participating in. The number is small since I’ve just started with the group.

Jenny@salvo: Seriously work stuff. It comes straight from my work inbox. The lowest percentage it gets due to the fact that I always delete all the mails in Gmail once I clear it in Outlook. That explains!

Not labeled: Miscellaneous things in life. Don’t have to bother.

my inbox stats

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