I’ve been living in Singapore for 5 years but sometimes i still feel frustrated with the language that most of the people here are speaking. It’s like there are only 2 English teachers in Singapore, one of which teaches good English (not noone attends her class) and the other teaches broken & distorted English (but she has classes after classes of students studying). Lets not mention about the accent cos i think it is acceptable to be localized. That said, I’m totally fine with people adding la, leh, lor to the end of the sentences. OR using slangs and local words such as makan, liao, siao, sian etc…

Okay, I’ll just say it, I can’t put up with the distorted pronunciation and the broken grammar.

About the distorted pronunciation: (*disclaimer: phrases on the right are to represent the pronunciation only)
divorce = dai – vort – s
bed = bate (without -t ending)
head = hate (without -t ending)
schedule = s – ke – dju
food = foot
Those are only some examples I can remember for now.

Regarding the broken grammar, allow me to save it for another post.


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