Cinderella Man

I watched Cinderella Man yesterday. I don’t normally like boxing guys or boxing movies but I put up with the beginning and placed aside my prejudice to discover that it is a wonderful piece.


When Mae (Renee) knew Baer killed 2 opponents in the ring, she did beg Jim (Russell) to cancel the fight no matter what the press would say. She did speak for me. I would never let Quoc go to work on a site and I know it’s not just ridiculously selfish of me.

My two favorite scenes are

– After Jim took Jay to the butcher’s to return the bread, he made Jay promise to not to steal again. The boy gave his word and Jim said “I promise we would never send you away”. And Jay burst out crying.

– Mae sent the kids to Alice (her sister) to go to the church to pray for Jim. When she came in and knew that everyone in the church was also praying for them, it was dawned on her that Jim’s fight is every poor people’s hope. She went to Jim’s to give him her words of encouragement and hers are no different from those in the past when they were still living well-off.

That was beautiful!

I am so in love with the appearances of Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger. Their actings are just wonderful. And I love how neat and close every single details in the script were written.

If you have the mood for something deep and beautiful, Cinderella Man is what I highly recommend.

Cinderella Man

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