take-aways from What happens in Vegas

1. When you hate somebody, you’re gonna be “yourself”. There is one traditional Vietnamese saying: When you hate somebody, God/the high above would give you that person. I think it makes sense now haha. When you want to piss somebody off or simply just don’t want to entertain or please anybody, you are who you are. And if anybody would fall in love with you for who you really are, that is the moment. Simply as that.

2. Marriage is fucking important. It’s not an overnight joke and some papers signed. It’s commitments.

3. Why can guys take any time they want to pop out that big question but not girls take their time too to think about it? Now, lets talk about me and Gau. We have been super frank and honest when it comes to marriage and everything is clearly transparent between us. Whenever we talk about marriage, we talk about commitments, expectations and responsibilities. What needs to be solved now gotta be solved now. However, I can imagine IF (i just say if okay!) he would ever ask me that (or anybody else? oh well, who knows?), I would take at least 2 weeks to think about it, no matter how happy i would be at that moment. Yup!

Now this thing makes me think about marriage. I gotta jot down more of my thoughts in another post.
K, off to the supermarket now.

take-aways from What happens in Vegas

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