argh … messed up

Few days ago, I’ve just bought a domain cos its only USD1.9.

I intended to use it for my WordPress but wordpress turned out to ask me for usd 12 for the mapping whatever. Pissed off. I directed my newly bought domain to another blog of mine on Blogspot and it works.

The thing is I don’t know it worked cos after pointing i literally forgot about it. See, wordpress created so much hassle that made me forgetful (just trying to blame haha). Today, I’m playing around with Tumblr and wanted to point the domain to the tumblr blog.

And guess what, it works too. However, I forgot the fact that the domain is now with the blogspot blog.

So, conclusion: Tumblr is now pointing to Blogger. I can’t see my tumblr blog by all means. Sigh … So where is my domain? I also don’t know. Ya, i know the way i’m telling the stories even messes it up more.

K, whatever, I’ll wait for about 72 hours?

argh … messed up

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