I’ve been 2 weeks to the new job and everything has been not-too-bad so far.

I’m still learning and adapting myself to the new environment. Everything is so fast-paced here and the workload is really a lot (a lot compared to my previous job). For the previous 2 weeks, my manager gave me tasks and I thought it’s not too little. But today I looked at the weekly report and saw her real workload, I was like *sweats & *faints.

Guess I haven’t really been up to it yet. I gotta try to work faster and stay sharper.

On a brighter note, I’m now doing what I like that I could relate myself and really put my thoughts into work.

On a sadder note, I haven’t got used to navigating with Mac yet. I was like half paralyzed with this Mac. I blame it for reduce my productivity but I’m glad that I have this opportunity to ever try a Mac. Guess its just the matter of time now hehe…

And a funnier note, I can sing along to the radio “Class ninety-fiveeee”. Yo!


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