10 Common Career Mistakes

Lets see.

1. Do everything your boss asks you.
>> If it’s about work, yes. If my boss wants me to make a coffee for him/her, I’ll “help” at most twice.

2. Telling yourself that your job is just a job, so you don’t care too much about it.
>> No! I never take a job as a job. I always consider it a step in my career ladder.

3. Not networking with people in your field.
>> I always want to get around with people in the industry. But somehow I haven’t had many chances.

4. Wishing that you had a better job and not building your resume to actually get that job.
>> No! My wishes are just always for “a better boss”, “a more comfy chair”, “a bigger table”, “a nearer location”, “a quieter room” etc … never had “a better job”.

5. Not taking breaks to recharge your mental batteries.
>> I think i’m always the one who travels the most.

6. Isolating yourself from your co-workers.
>> Sometimes I wish for a change to be myself, but i’m not drowning into it.

7. Not seeking out other people’s help on big projects. (i.e. thinking you can do it all on your own.)
>> YES! Oh well … I know, i know.

8. Allowing interruptions (meetings, phone calls, and internet) to stop your work flow.
>> YES. Worse? More interruptions are Facebook, chat, youtube etc …

9. Not using your favorite superpower every single day. (e.g. asking great questions. That’s my favorite superpower.)
>> Shit, what is my favourite superpower?

10. Worrying too much about how much money you make instead of the impact you have on other people.
>> No! Actually i’m very happy with the fact that I’m totally cool with the money matter.

Src: http://www.workhappynow.com/2010/12/10-common-career-mistakes/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed:+WorkHappyNow+(Work+Happy+Now)

10 Common Career Mistakes

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