Lets say you know this guy when he was your project mate. After the project had been done and you didn’t meet him any more (not because of conflicts or something) but you somehow knew that he had a girlfriend through reading her blog and his blog. And you know how pretty the girl is and how adorable their relationship is.

Okay, after some time, well maybe 2 years, you suddenly came to his Facebook and saw his Universal Studio photos with another girl – this time not as good looking as the previous one and they are supposed to be boyfriend – girlfriend because they clutch hands. What would you think?

Me, I have some questions
– Hey Jiajie how are you doing?
– What happened to you ah?
– Where’s the previous girlfriend?
– Why is this one is so ugly?

Haha … nah~ I’m not that bad. I just put myself into the shoes of somebody I know who is always so curious. I thought I would look funny when I keep bombarding people with those silly questions. Maybe I will even get some slaps in the end.


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