Xmas 2010

No matter how much I love Xmas, I know from experience I wouldn’t have a nice one. So to prevent myself from expecting too much, I’m here creating this to-do list for today so that my day will be filled with activities.

Morning: sleep till when I really want to wake up.
– Take a shower
– Check emails, read blogs, surf Facebook
– Go to TP and check in Bodyshop
– Buy stuffs from Bodyshop, hope the balance in my account is still positive.

Afternoon: Go to library.
– Bring Facebook notebook
– * Will consider if I should bring my laptop along?
– Read or sleep there until the library closes.

Night: Go to Fairprice and check out stuffs there
– Go home and take a shower
– Go straight to bed.

If this is executed well, I would have a peaceful Xmas day without sadness and disappointment.
This gotta work.

Merry Christmas to those who can read this. I wish you a lovely one with your beloveds.

Xmas 2010

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