So many people are delusional and they dont know they ARE you see?

This is what my house mate described about himself.
(Note: this is the baby LH, not the real LH that i was pissed off with)

25. Strong personality
How do you define it? I did a dumb search and and found this. Lets do this checklist for fun, see how strong he is according to all the criteria people suggest there
(Note: This list is not professionally certified to prove that those points discussed here would build up a strong personality. I just do it anyway for fun)

1. One who is confident about himself: CHECK. Ya, he has a sorta manly appearance
2. One who can keep mind in balalnce under all odds and evens: UNCHECK. He can keep mind in balance by not getting involved in things that he’s supposed to be. That is under irresponsibility.
3. One who can lead/work as a team with others: UNCHECK. How could someone irresponsible lead a team?
4. One who can influence others by his knowledge and not by authority: UNCHECK. He might have generic knowledge about general things but he sure doesn’t have any authority or even confidence to be engaged in authority
5. One who can get the work done: UNCHECK. No need to explain, its just the opposition.
6. One whom people like to follow: UNCHECK. Maybe pretty girls want to follow him? I don’t count pretty girls as followers that makes a strong personality.
7. Personality overpowers those around him: UNCHECK. This is a fact.
8. Very charismatic or compelling individual: UNCHECK. Handsome is not equivalent to charismatic.
9. That they hold there own in personality sense, they don’t let people shape who they are: UNCHECK. He’s affected a lot by the real LH
10. Bossy: CHECK. To his sister who cares so much for him. Sad right?

So, how strong is his personality? I can say he has strength in ACTING as if he had a strong personality. But the real deal that we’re talking about he never gets close to, sadly.

26. Avoiding personalities
This is what did happen. He
– Never replied any email about housework
– Never replied any email about money
– Never did his assigned duties until reminded
– Never finished his assigned duties
– Never pull out efforts to look for a part-time job but kept asking for his sister’s money.

So baby LH, are you really that good and responsible to hate the Irresponsibles?

Wake up and see how people are looking at you 🙂


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