father and mother, i love you!

Daddy was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to incessant throw-ups and stomaches. My sister messaged me this morning and she called afterwards.

The moment i received the first sms, i nearly burst out crying (I managed to control myself though since I was at work). It was like the worst thing i’ve ever heard of for the last 5 years. After talking with my sister, i felt better hearing her sound positive. Called my mom in the evening and she also sounded positive, which assured me that everything is still okay.

Mom took a day off today to be with Daddy for the whole day. When she needed to run some errands, my grandma took over. I asked Mom: you fetched Grandma to the hospital. She answered: No, Grandma cycled there herself. Okay! This is the second worst thing i heard of the day. Grandma is so old and fragile, how could Mom let her cycle there on her own? And when I said this, I was at the highest pitch exclaiming!

Fortunately, nothing else happened. I like to think that we are blessed!

I pray that Dad will get better tomorrow and can come home. Deep inside my heart, I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine how bad it would be if anything worse happened, I might go uselessly insane being thousands miles away from my family.

father and mother, i love you!

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