Ex (2010)


Watched this yesterday. Initially, I thought it was just a random cheap movie with all the nude scene that Gillian Chung starred in to create some buzz. To my surprise, it turned out to be good.

Some thoughts

  • Gillian Chung is cute and she’s really a good actress. I find her character sooo disturbing and she portrayed it very well.
  • William Chan is good as well. And I like his confusing look.
  • The story is nothing new but it is something existing to our acknowledgment. I find it so annoying when Zhou Yi and Ping get closer while Cee is still tenderly loving and forgiving Ping. But the movie ended well that noone couples up. That’s a happy ending for all parties i guess.
  • Best scene of the whole movie is at some last minutes. The thought-provoking metaphor was placed excellently.

Ping: I think I should take another test
Cee: You failed 5 times. I can take you to where you want to
Ping: But it’s not convenient!

Cee spotted the messy dishes.

Cee: You have late snack?

Ping drops the cup. The thoughts of him and Zhou Yi throwing glasses flash in his mind. Zhou Yi said: Next time, we buy plastic cups
Back to reality, Cee was cleaning up the water on the floor.

Ping: I’m sorry
Cee: It’s okay. Just wipe it up.
Ping: No, i’m not talking about that

Cee stoned but finally smiled and said: It doesn’t matter.
She continued: What is not good about me?

Ping: Just drop it okay
Cee: I don’t want to drop it. I can’t do it without you.
Ping: There’s nothing on Earth that somebody cannot do something without others.

Cee left. The plastic cup that Ping dropped cracked. Water leaks and run out.

Ex (2010)

2 thoughts on “Ex (2010)

  1. raika says:

    i love this movies very much.. I really liked when I saw Gillian Chung’s acting again … She was very charming .. without seeing the wrong side of her in the past, she really is the best…

    Gillian chung.. i’m ur fan.. keep the best for ur career..!!
    wo ai nie..

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