i’ve been home for about 12 hours. It is always this strange feeling whenever i’m back.

The house has not been well taken care of either by my parents or sister. Dusts are everywhere except for frequently-used areas such as dining table, learning desks or bed. If putting the house into a character, I can see its sadness. Mommy and Daddy are too busy, they’ve been leaving the house on its own. Books and papers appear in every corner. Nilons, pens, bags are all either. I missed my old happy own which is clean and bright.

Mentioning about home and this city, the other day I heard my friend complain about the drastically-fast changes happening in this place. She doesn’t love the commercialized Hanoi, the bad customer service and the freaking ridiculous cold this year. She compares to the Hanoi that she used to know and finds it now a brand new person. All I can say is when we were little kids, we looked at the city from a kid’s point of view and we just loved every single simple little things that it has. Now when we are grown up and we’ve been to more places, we learn about good service, clean environment and polite strangers. Those what we’ve learned, we automatically take it as a benchmark. Looking at Hanoi and trying to expect it to meet your benchmarks is unreasonable. Of cos it’s funny if you force your guy friend to wear a skirt just becos u know Scottish man wear skirts. Every cities, every countries, every people, every cultures differ. I hate bad service, I hate dusty city, I hate fussy people, I hate the freeze but all these stupid things won’t make me like Hanoi less or in another words, hate Hanoi more. Love it as it is.

Talking about cold I’m having a fucking big problem with the cold becos my skin is allergic to winds and cold water. Red rashes are coming up on my hands and on my legs, making my hands busy scratching them. My nose is running like nobody cares and I’m yawning like crazy.

Time to tuck in the warm blanket.


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