great ads

I die for great ads. Here are 3 of them which I was supposed to blog about a while ago.


This is a touching ad by the talented late Yasmin Ahmad (her blog). It is lighthearted yet the message is so touching. As much as I can laugh at the funny witty beginning, I find my eyes watery at the end when the wife said: "those little imperfect things make a perfect person to you". It is so true!

Guzheng on Pachelbel’s Canon: Hip Hop & Beatbox

This is the coolest ad that I have seen. Basically it has 2 elements that I love: hip hop dancing and Canon. So its very easy for me to fall into it. However to be honest I didn’t get what this ad is for 😀 I believe this is also the inspiration for Vietnam Mobile to imitate:

Thai Life Insurance

I completely adore Thai ads. I mean it literally. They always have such simple ideas yet very well-executed to get the message across. Completely score!

great ads

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