throw me in the water and i’ll learn to swim by myself

This month is a crazy one. Speaking about the previous 2 days alone, I have worked for a total of 28 hours (of cos not 28 hours straight – or i have died already). Lack of sleep, dead tight deadlines and increasing pressure results in brain death, unhealthy food consumption, dull skin and menses lateness. Good thing is I see things moving. That’s very encouraging.

I shouldn’t talk too much about my workplace by all means but I also don’t want to have the experience of these days slip off my mind so easily.

On one hand, I’ve been being given the kind of work and workload that i have never managed or even tried to manage before. On the other hand, that’s a room to grow that I’ve been given I suppose.

– Boss A gave me stuffs to learn on my own time
– Boss B let me handle some big projects on my own. This is scary.
– Boss C talked to me about what I would want to do and which path I would like to explore further.

Here, I’m expected to learn and grow like a rocket.

Things can turn out to be quite unpredictable but somehow at this point of time, I have already been able to envision at least what I will do and how I will be in 5 years. After so much time searching for something right, I have probably found it here.

Side note, I dreamed of a baby yesterday and in the dream I forgot about him. Dream dictionary interpreted that is a sign of an aspect of my life that I have put aside or abandoned due to life-changing challenges. I hope I know exactly what it is. But in the meantime, I should focus on my first priority which is my career path I guess.

throw me in the water and i’ll learn to swim by myself

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