3 March, 2011 23:56

I thought I just posted my previous entry 2 or 3 days ago. But it was in 23 Feb, today’s 4 Mar. Holly shit, its the long time that I wasn’t aware of.

Chorus: i’m still freaking busy with work.

Some updates:

– I’ve been confirmed by Oasis. Had the longest talk ever with my Manager (probably longer than the interview before I joined). I mostly listened to her comments and feedback towards my performance. I’m glad to know that she thinks “You’re very responsible and reliable, that’s the thing I like most” and “For someone who works in this for the first time, I think you’ve done a great job“. I asked if I was someone whom they expected to hire. She said “Yes. Otherwise we won’t confirm you. You’ve been great!” This couldn’t put no smile on me. However, it is a benchmark of expectations i already placed there. Now I really have to try to just be better and better. That, in other words, is the stress.

– We have company lunch yesterday. Pizza and chicken wings from losers in the previous bowling session (FYI, i was a double loser, freaking sad about it). There was also a cake to celebrate my birthday early. I was very happy with the fact that the cake was combined with lunch. So after I blew the candle (with a sleepy face and an exhausting smile), we were just going on with lunch. That means, no attention on me at all. Ya, i hate to be the centre of attention. But I appreciated the cake though and especially the thoughtfulness of the colleague who arranged it early since she would be on leave today.

– I encountered the special effects of someone’s bad mood yesterday also. My first thought: WTF?! What is happening? What did i do?
After consulting my manager, I believe I should get used to this since it will definitely repeat from time to time. So, no fear, NO fear, NO FEAR!

– I’m going to Batam with my friends tomorrow. Honestly I dont expect the place to be so fantastic. But i will be with close friends, so hope it turns out to be great experience.

– I know this is gross but my menses haven’t come yet. I believe its the stress and tiredness that my body is going through. I encountered this problem once when I just came back from Hong Kong, my menses came 1.5 months later than usual. Also on the side note, I really haven’t done anything! (this statement is specially for the dirty-minded people).

K, thats pretty much about it. Gotta continue working now.

3 March, 2011 23:56

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