meet Kiki

This friend was bought to my hands in a funny context.

One day I saw a wrist-rest pad on my colleague’s table and it was a cute pinky pig. It is so cute that I couldn’t help myself from touching it, pressing it and playing around with it. I put it everywhere until my colleague nearly shouted: could you please not torture my pig-pig anymore?


The name cracked my head. I immediately put it under the lamp and told her: hey your pig-pig becomes roasted pork. That might have traumatized my colleague and her pig-pig.

Yesterday when I just stepped in the office and said Hello to her, she showed me a new wrist-rest pad and asked me to keep one. Thinking “did i traumatize your pig-pig that much?”, I couldn’t stop laughing. I then took the new wrist-pad and asked her how much, I wanted to pay for it. My colleague didn’t want to receive the money so I said Thanks to her and brought the new baby to my desk.

Lunch time, another colleague came by my desk to ask me out for lunch. I showed her my new “pig-pig” and she screamed:

– Jenny! This is not a pig. This is NOT a pig. It is yellow and it has stripes. Pigs don’t have stripes. This is a cat, or maybe a lion. Haiya Jenny, you really cannot differentiate a pig and a cat?? Jenny!!!

I wanted to say something to defend but I myself burst out laughing as well.

Then I thought about what I can call this baby? This is a cat so I can call it Caca or Kaka (cat cat), KitKit or Kiki (kitten kitten), Lili (lion lion) … then I decided to call it Kiki – best names among those I guess.

I posted Kiki on Facebook and Kiki received some attention.

Okay, this is not a funny story, not a mysterious story, not even one to showoff my Kiki. I write it out just to feel “me” now and also to remind myself how nicely I have been treated. This is worth remembered.

Signing off,
Jenny and Kiki

meet Kiki

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