Well-Informed Wednesday (with Pat Law)

I came down to Pat’s talk about self-promotion today with my colleagues. Honestly i’m not really interested in how to self-promote per se since i’m the shy type and i always feel uncomfortable when i need to talk about myself or attention is on me. So I came to the talk with the expectation to know about how could she do that, shamelessly? The talk was nice and I admire Pat with how authentic she is hehehe..

Few takeaways:
– Always stay authentic
– Relevance matters!
– Never bitch about your competitor or a brand. If u do, don’t mention the name. (Well, I think its okay to bitch about obnoxious people individually)

– Pick someone your size
– There’s always a value exchange, think of something you can offer before expect something in return
– When doing something you love, there will be times that you are mentally and physically tired, thats is normal. But if you are passionate about it, not emotionally tired about it, then you’re not ready to give up yet.

– Socialize but don’t get the emotions attached.
– Never ask about hosting in a motivational talk!

Well-Informed Wednesday (with Pat Law)

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