my bio

We are having an office blog so everyone was kind of forced to write a bio for ourselves. I have no choice but to squeeze my brain to come out with something. This is a chance to look at myself with a third person’s eyes & I realized I had nothing much to say about myself. This is more or less about it

Jenny is a dragon-born twenty-something who is interested in too many things. From 9 to 5, she’s with Oasis Interactive, getting her hands dirty to service awesome accounts such as GSK, NETS & KOSE etc and learning. For the rest of the day, she spends time reading, thinking about random stuff, contemplating how to be awesome or simply dreaming of making the world dance. Jenny usually has random questions which might confuse you, do take her easy though.

This bio might be recycling from now on.

Btw, I’ve just had a short hair – something for a change. And before committing every changes, we always hope for better things. I do either.

my bio

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