Bali – May ’11

This 6 day trip was somehow shortened by 5 thanks to Jetstar and their plane’s technical issue due to some generator problem. The plane was braked TWICE during the acceleration prior to take-off. And we had to return to the terminal for the technicians to check. Somehow all my friends said we should be grateful to the pilot cos he was trying to give us a safe trip. Well, I do agree and I can’t be any more grateful to the pilots and the crew. However, think about it this way. Why wasn’t all the check made properly before the flight? A guy friend gave me a reason “many problems cannot be detected before the flight”. That’s scary, it also means we can die anytime without any prediction doesn’t it? And the best part is there was no Jetstar representative on site to give us a response. It ended up by 1/3 of the passengers cancelled the flight and went home (without any compensation i believe since “it was their choice to abort the flight” – said a woman who claimed to be a Changi representative), the rest (like us) took the fly by faith and i – on a personal level crossed my fingers during the whole flight and believed, if i have to die, it’s fated.

So we spent 4 days in Kuta, 1 in Ubud and 1 left in Sanur.

Bali is a nice place, the more i explore it, the more i love it. All the beautifully crafted gates, the patterns on sarongs, the softness of silk, the quietness of the streets (applicable to Ubud and Sanur only) and the peaceful looks on the tourists. All of those are so lovely.

The food wasn’t so fantastic. And in fact, my best meal was on the 5th day when we tried suckling pigs in Ubud. The people are generally friendly. However, we were cheated twice. First time was when the driver who supposed to take us to 4 places (as previously agreed) shortened our trip and took us to 3 places only. For one of which, he insisted us buying the tickets and then didn’t let us watch the show due to the reason of “too long, i cannot wait, I have another job to do. Can you pay me more etc & etc” <– yea that kind of shit. The 2nd time was when we exchanged money for some pocket cash and the guy gave us the Rupiahs tried to eat up 200,000 Rupiahs. That scared me to shit, I swear I’m scared of all the magic things.

Overall, I might rate this trip 3/5. Without the hassle with Jetstar, being cheated and literally dreamed about work every night, I believe I would have enjoyed myself better.

Some photo highlights below


Love this huge billboard of RipCurl. In fact, I bought lots of Roxy stuff when they are having a 50% off sale. Seriously im a big fan of beachwear.


Tanah Lot – Love this stunning white wave scenery


Lovely waterfall taken during our water rafting


Seems like all hotels in Bali – no matter how expensive or cheap – have these eye-soothing green gardens


And all hotels serve “American breakfast” – which is a kind of worst breakfasts i’ve ever had during all my travels.


The Balinese people are religious and also religious in using flowers. Beautiful!


Quiet street in Sanur

Oh by the way, i stumbled upon this piece of writing on AirAsia’s magazine


This is sooo itchy. I believe it was the pilot/the crew’s fault for not explaining clearly the situation to the blogger, not the blogger’s fault for not “made an effort to understand the situation”. Why would we – ordinary passengers know about all the problems that might happen to your plane? And how to make an effort to understand the situation when we were panicking (i strongly believe everyone would panic to shit when you heard of something went wrong with your plane – cos i was in that situation)? Trying to disturb the pilot while we just want him to focus and fix the problem? Trying to shout at the air-stewardesses? Trying to Google immediately? Seriously, put yourself in the shoes of passengers. We are placing our lives in your hands.


Question! What criteria is World’s Best Low Cost Airline based on? What does it mean by being The Best? Best plane? Best crew? Best cost? Best food? Best air-stewardess? Best schedule? What is best?

Don’t take me wrong. I met Tony Fernandez and I believe I like AirAsia becos I like him personally (sounds funny right? But yea whatever) but seriously, this piece of writing sucks. Minus 5 points


Caught a nice ad. Well the copy is nice to be exact. Plus 1 point.

Bali – May ’11

4 thoughts on “Bali – May ’11

  1. Luke says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I was one of your pilots on the delayed flight to Bali, by the look of the pictures you should have had a great time there!

    With all due respect I wish to add a few things about what caused the delays. There are four electrical generators fitted to the aircraft, during takeoff one of the four indicated a problem so we decided it was safer to sort the problem out on the ground rather than in the air (which is also safe to do in this instance) and have engineers repair the problem.

    They thought they found what was causing the fault so we got all the passengers off the aircraft while we ran the engine on the ground to test the equipment. The fault did not appear during testing. We then reboarded the aircraft and went to depart for the second time, unfortunately with the same fault. Once again we stopped the takeoff at slow speed and consulted further with engineering and the company maintenance head office.

    After this, we disconnected the faulty generator in accordance with an approved and documented procedure which takes time and departed with three generators available. The aircraft only needs one. On the third time where we eventually went to Bali, the biggest delay was organising who was coming and who was staying and locating and offloading the baggage of those staying.

    It was a long night for us as it was for you and I thank you and your fellow passengers for your patience and understanding. I support the Company in not offering accomodation etc… As we did provide a perfectly safe aircraft to travel in despite some of their opinion or perception. Safety is always first with our flying as I have a lovely wife and two wonderful kids waiting for me to come home to, the other pilot is too. We dont get paid extra to take risk so put simply and clearly we dont.

    I hope to see you flying with us again in the future!


  2. Dear Luke,

    Thanks for your informative explanation. I’m impressed that you read my anonymous blog, esp when its on Sunday.

    Hope you’re not taking me wrong, I’m not trying to whine about the pilots or crew being irresponsible or anything. I just think Jetstar should have a representative on site to give passengers a clear picture of what was happening and if we can fly, it would gonna be a safe flight. (Doesn’t matter if it would be really safe or not. We just need some assurance to calm ourselves down)

    By the way, i didn’t mention about the delay that we were not informed of. The flight was supposed to take off from Singapore at 6.35pm. We arrived at the airport at 4pm to find out that the flight was delayed till 10pm. We didn’t get any email or sms about this delay, which added more negative sentiments to the whole scene of the night.

    Thanks to you & the crew for working hard to deliver the flight safely. We deeply appreciated that.

    I’m having another planned flight with Jetstar this Aug. Fingers crossed for things like these won’t happen again. If i happen to run into u in town, coffee’s on me!

    Fly safe!


  3. Luke says:

    I have referred to my manager as I think there is a customer service guarantee that may apply in your case. Hopefully they will follow up!

    All the best,


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