1st day back to work after the Bali trip.

– Hey Jenny, you managed to go to Bali?


Ex-colleague dropped by and had a coffee with the girls

Y: I think this hairstyle suits you more. You look younger
J: Meaning i look old with my previous hairstyle?
Y: Yeah
G: Jenny, say thanks. It’s a compliment.
J: Yea thanks.
Y: Esp when you pulled all your fringe up, you look like maid
J + W: Hahahaha…
W: Well, thats what everyone does
G: Wait wait, Y look at me. Look at me.
Y: Yeah
G: You’re saying i look like maid?
J: Everyone looks younger with this fringe basically
W: Yes, lets all have this fringe. I’m having a haircut soon
G: Me too! We’ll look young young

– All my friends say we don’t look like colleagues
– Then we look like what?


Lunch-time talk

– Wah, they are so irritating, everyday sends me EDM. Everyday.
– Hey hey, approach them, we can do EDM for them. 1 EDM everyday. We’ll earn more.
* Points to me
– Then she’ll die


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