oA lot of things have recently happened, which pokes my messy brain.

1. Ridiculous request makes us refrain from taking pride in our work.

Often times, we encounter these problems:
– clients don’t know exactly what they want and they are fickle-minded;
– clients know what exactly they want and that is something-like-this similar to their competitors;
– clients either know or don’t know what they want but they just want to have as many alternates as possible regardless of time constraints and resources;

In whichever cases, we have to “follow” the direction to some extent. Sometimes clients are open to creativity and new ideas. However, hard time comes when clients are not.

Things are worse when we have to push aside our pride to follow what clients want. Hearing something like “in the worst case just follow but this would definitely not appear in our portfolio!” is really sad.

Now I have a question, if even the best salesman fails to push the idea through, would we ever be willing to drop the project for a simple reason of “we don’t do this kind of work”? Ok, just a question.

2. Sometimes I’m clueless of what to do or what consequences that might happen, yet people wait for me to take some actions or come out with reasonable decisions.

I’m not afraid of taking responsibilities when things turn out negatively. But i’m confused by uncertainties. I mean you can tell me: If you have to do it, just do it and be responsible for the outcomes. But just don’t tell me no-direction line like: Think, should you do it or not? It’s all your choice. @_@

I feel grateful to be given a chance to learn and try myself out, but most of the time this process is intimidating. This is a hump of the learning path which I haven’t overcome yet.

3. Things come in a batch. If one thing is good, everything is good. If one thing is bad, everything is bad. I can either be happy or fucked up, but never be bored.

4. I’m a greedy person. I have already had all the best for me. But I still want more. I guess I’m still young to be in the position to demand for more. I just wonder what I would see myself when I look back to today in 3 years?

Should I need to stop wandering on the clouds and learn to look at the reality already?

5. I’m a random person aka I like random things. If one fine day, a random friend whom I haven’t talked to for like ages asked me out to do random things, I would find it quite fascinating.

6. Some people have problem with addressing others. I have problem with those people. I find it very rude when you put 1. dadada, 2. dadada, 3. dadada in your 1st email to me. There is not much effort required to put “Hi Jenny,” or even just “Jenny,” before u list down what you need from me.

However, it is fine to eliminate the addressing part when we have been exchanging 2 or 3 emails.

Some of the people mentioned above even bring this problem to the offline world. By saying this, I mean I always hear things like:

– dadada
– dadadadadada
– Jenny, dadada, dadadadada …

WTF! If you want to talk to me or tell me something, please shout out my name to get my ears up first. Otherwise, I would assume you are not talking to me and I would just concentrate on what I’m doing. And by the way, I damn focus when I need to. My colleagues always stood by my cubicle for a while and I only realized that they were being there until they knocked on the divider, called my name or poked me.

7. Scratching my toes is not disgusting.

8. I’m having a super bad headache. This kind of headache has been happening for about 1 month. Haiz …

Disclaimer: Although this post sounds work-related, it has nothing to do with my work. This does not reflect the views of my employer, bosses or colleagues. And the whole post is not just about work.


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