“you’re not nice”

Had an argument and was given a feedback: you are not nice! I was stoned for a second with thoughts crashing in my mind like WTF! why do i need to be nice to you? who are you that i have to be nice with? why would you expect that I have to be nice to you. I held my sigh and replied: well, I have never said i’m a nice person. And look, noone in this world is gonna be nice to a certain extent. He looked at me speechlessly.

Ok, stop here. Let’s talk about “being nice”. What is “nice” to you?
– If someone smiles at you, does it mean he/she is nice to you? If you say yes, how about the possibility that he/she pulled out a smirk after passing you by?
– If someone is helping you out with something, does it mean he/she is nice to you? How about the possibility that he/she wants something in return?
– If someone scolds you, does it mean he/she is not being nice to you? How about the possibility that you have your mind straightened, you understand things and make better decisions?
etc & etc

Tell me how you could tell whether a person is nice or not? And if you really can tell, how do you make sure his/her “nice” is genuine? I think we-everybody should be practical. Don’t ever expect others to be nice with you, especially if you are not related (like in this case, at all??!).

Btw, to whoever that is wondering what we were arguing about, it’s about some cleaning up stuff. Yes, housemate problem again wtf! I hope you have opened your eyes and acknowledged these few things:
– I’m not your sister, not even a friend. You can say I should be nice to you, but practically I don’t have to
– I have let you know you are just a coward loser. Do take it as a discover-yourself 101 lesson
– I never thought I would threaten you but somehow my words just scared the shit out of you. Silly boy
– I just let you know what your face is ugly and distorted when you smile. So please, skip pulling your mouth out.
– Dont’ say Thank you with a sarcastic tone. I’m better at being sarcastic.

That’s it silly boy! And I won’t ask you to move out now since I AM a nice person, get it?

“you’re not nice”

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