We used to be so close. To the point that we were so proud and confident to address each other as “best”.

After 6 years apart, we have more or less changed. I’m happy to see you again but somehow I can’t express it. Were you happy to see me again? 😀 I felt so awkward. I had so many things to ask you, to talk to you. I just didn’t know why I could not convey a single word. It was like there was something in my throat which prevents me from talking.

Did you expect me to sleep over? I don’t know what happened to me but this idea didn’t hit on me at all. I happily asked you to come over and left you hanging around there. We three could have had a great time I guess. Now when I’m thinking about this, I know its late. I don’t know when I would see you again. But well, at least someone else had already “taken part”.

This morning I was so sad seeing you leave, yet I couldn’t get a word out of me again. Thought we could have had a brief breakfast and chit chat after i finished my work but you left earlier than that. Only when I was on the way to work that I had more time to look back and realized I had no idea when I would see you again. This – resulted in a moody me this morning. Thought I could have some mins to talk again this afternoon before you take off but i was once again occupied with work.

Sorry for being such a not-so-welcoming friend. Let me make it up for you next time we meet (though I have no idea when?!).

Hope you had a good time here. Wish you luck and happiness!



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