15 August, 2011 15:27

A change sometimes does not equal to a good thing. But at least, it is something to look forward to.

I have been desperately looking for a change. Something I could tell myself that it is happening soon, I just need to endure a little more. Especially at this period, when I felt suffocated and mentally tired. Too tired to even think of what to pick myself up. I can’t remember when the last time I came home I could purely rest and read something I like without thinking about what is still pending in my to-do list was. I don’t know when the last time i came home and i ran with Gau without checking out the time. The happy weekend made me look back and put a WTF question in my head. I should have had all the happy weekends like that on a weekly basis. What have I done with all the sleeping for mental recovery and then worrying about things that others won’t?

It’s not that I haven’t tried my best. It is the fact that I have tried my best and noone knows or someone knows but not appreciates. Either way, I’m frustrated.

Now, when it is about to happen, I’m super excited. At least now I see something there waiting for me. Either good or bad, I need a crash to crack some light for the hole, or more practically like Sarah said: i need a change of setting LOL.

Thanks for everything.

Something that doesn’t relate to the above, office changes to a new location today. What can I say? Totally disappointed! I don’t know what the purpose of a bigger office is when my desk is smaller. I couldn’t place a notebook on my desk to jot down notes & the width is of my laptop size. So imagine I put my laptop there, I have no space to rest my arms wtf. I have a feeling that the desk is for temp staff. Question of the day that everyone asks: why would we need such a big office when the desks are so small? Guess the question hasn’t traveled far enough to trigger an answer. And I am isolated with the rest of the world, not that I choose to be but I was put to be, as usual 😀

15 August, 2011 15:27

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