showcase Gau’s food

This is what we had yesterday. Gau woke up early and made a trip to the wet market to buy all these. I then helped him up with cooking. The food was soooo yummy. Guess what, all the below was cleared by 3 of us (KC included).Not to mention we still have rice and another verge dish. This is crazy right? We are just getting fatter and fatter.

A random conversation at the supermarket in the afternoon:
– Thỏ: bao giờ Gấu nấu thử cà ri đi!
– Gấu: nhưng Thỏ có thích cà ri đâu
– Thỏ: thì nấu cho Gấu ăn thôi
– Gấu: Thỏ thấy mình có bao giờ nấu cái gì cái gì Thỏ ko thích đâu. Mình tòan nấu cho Thỏ ăn thôi mà


showcase Gau’s food

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