about me

Some facts about me:

– I’m a morning person. This is true when I was given a good sleep the night before. I no longer love late-nights and sleep-ins although i still sleep in on weekends when my energy was exhausted for the whole week.
– I’m a noodle person. I would always choose noodle over rice for the meal.
– I’m a tea person. I drink coffee at times, only for the sake of keeping myself awake. Tea is nicer.
– I’m a Friday person. Guest everyone is. I also have a tendency to isolate myself on Mondays. I don’t want to talk or to listen on Mondays. In fact, I need some silence to settle all my pending work from last week, that’s why…
– I’m an Excel person, not Word. That said, I don’t like a whole chunk of text but clear pointers.
– I’m a Nokia phone. Ironically I own a smart phone. But honestly I think it’s a kind of waste. I don’t really check emails or use GPS with my phone. To me, phone is for calls and sms only. But doubly ironically, i never know where I always leave my phone on the weekends. Friends looking for me always need to call Gau 😛
– I’m a shorts person. In case you’re wondering, I mean i’m more comfortable in shorts.
– I’m a slippers person. I do like heels and wedges but i choose slippers over them. Simply becos slippers are versatile and comfortable.
– I’m a concept person, not an execution person. I agree successful execution makes us happy but I suck at dealing with frustration.
– I’m an inspiration person, not really a motivation person.

about me

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