why i love Ellen Degeneres

SYTYCD Season 7Alex Wong – the amazing contemporary dancer showed off his versatility in hiphop when he paired up with Twitch in “Outta your mind”. The awesome choreograph created by my favourite couple NappyTabs.

See how funny he was when he picked Twitch …


Nonetheless, he gave us all WOWs, WOOs with this stunning performance.

The next week, this poor guy got a freaking injury in the next week, which subsequently forced him out of the competition. This – broke everyone’s heart.


If he had still been competing, I bet he could have been the champion. Who knows? Someone who was so kind and big-hearted took action. She paid tribute to the talented yet unlucky dancer by recreating “Outta your mind” and showing up in the finale. Check this out!

Soooo freaking wonderful right? Ellen Degeneres pulled it off so well. Now, see how she has prepared and practised for her big night.

If you’re not persuaded. See this

This person is a beautiful gem. I so want to be like her when I grow up.


why i love Ellen Degeneres

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