Hello from Langkawi

I’m really thankful for the wonderful weather here. Things are good, the food is awesome. I’m gaining weight and I’m having some ugly spots on my body. I’m not sure whether it’s bed bugs, allergy or mosquito bites but the spots are reddish, swollen and freaking itchy. I have been applying mediated oil and insects repellent, so far it’s getting less itchy. I think I would write more about the resorts I’m staying and the whole trip overall but that would be for the next post.

Now there’s something juicier. An ex-colleague just commented on my old post where I talked about her mistakes (or whosever mistake from the “production” team or the Producers). She said: it would be nice that u had corrected it rather than wasting time blogging! Awesome right? Making mistakes is acceptable. Posting idiotic comments on my blog is acceptable. But expecting others (or more specifically here, me) to correct her mistakes and told me that was worth than writing on my blog is … wahahahahahaha. Literally, what are you being paid to do? A producer should do a proper writing and proofread the materials before handling to a marketing person. I thought u had a master? Really?? Your carelessness wasted your time and our time (the marketing team- for editing the brochure again & again) and above all, that doesn’t reflect well on you – the Producer. But all of that was okay to me I think. You just shouldn’t have said that I should had corrected it for you rather than blogging. If I had corrected that for you, that would be nice, yes agree, that is being value-added of me. If I didn’t, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t being nice. You should have done ur job properly at the first place. Second thing, this is my blog and I can do whatever and say whatever I want. People getting frustrated with crazy politicians are also blogging about it, they don’t go to the Paliarment and catfight yea?? Why should I spend my time correcting some basic grammar errors for someone owning a master??! I don’t understand. To sum up, ridiculous Shweta Hedge, wake up!!

Disclaimer: I didn’t proofread this post. There might be spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Corrections are welcome but if none, it’s fine. I appreciate ur time reading up the whole thing about something not worth ur attention.

Hello from Langkawi

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