Last Friday night at OI – p1

It was Thursday last week, but i like to call it “last Friday night” cos it was that freaking fun!

Part 1: Planning

We had planned for that night for a few days previously. People kept asking me and Wendy how we would like to spend our last days and we were like: anything … The truth is we didn’t want to decide (read: we are lazy people)

During lunch, my colleagues once again pushed for it. There were a few options to choose: getting a dinner, watching a movie, playing pool, playing bowling, picking a bar for some drinks. Honestly, none was to my liking; all options sound just like an ordinary hang-out we used to do once a week. To the last resort, we all decided to throw a party in-house. Ordering some pizzas, getting some drinks from the nearby convenient stores and doing some boardgames. The plan is pretty awesome. We would also have a movie screening, Hairpray was in my HDD which i took to the office in the morning. Perfect for a happy party. Another colleague Jua could just go back to her house nearby and grab some games: Twister, Taboo etc & etc. Sounds damn cool, we were all set for the night!

Awesome, thats set. Next question: are we inviting the guys? Well, obviously noone wanted to answer this question. It was not because we discriminated the guys or anything, it was just a known fact that everytime we went out together, either one of the following scenerios happened: 1. things just turn awkward. or 2. we broke into 2 groups guys and girls and had fun talks within each group. After much thoughts and tai-chi (pushing responsibilities to others), everyone agreed to let the rest know about our plan. I would be the one who sent that sincere email out, set!

On the way back, we wanted to grab a few drinks from the coffee shops (which was told to be the place where you can get the cheapest beers). My colleague Sar was holding on 2 bottles and discussing with the girls for about 15 minutes. Suddenly owner came and raise her voice to Sar, something in Chinese. I saw Wen broke into laughters and Sar looked lost. Wen then said the auntie was telling Sar: do you want to buy or not? Don’t keep holding on the bottles like that! Haha.

After much discussion, all decided not to get the drinks now because: we can just go down and get the drinks from the Hakka food stall nearby later.

To be continued…

Last Friday night at OI – p1

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