It’s been really challenging to change the way we are addressing each other. We were so comfortable calling the other in our favourite ways for a few years. In fact, this practice has always been interrupted because we couldn’t give up our habits. Now when things are getting more serious and our parents are looking right at “us”, it’s time to put ourselves on an escalator for a new level.

So I always say I fall in love with my best friend. Now what I am going to say will be I fall in love with my boyfriend.

My parents have been really supportive. I strongly believe my Mom has given in and put aside all the concerns and anxiety about my future’s settled place. Things are moving forward and that makes me feel nervous. I know both of us are not ready yet. There are so many plans we want to do individually and as a dating couple. We are scared of the possibility that once marriage happens, we would have to compromise our pastimes, our lifestyles, our responsibilities, our commitments, everything etc and etc. I’m sure we are not the only one who fear of these. And guess what, once we are married, we will be again pressurized for having kids. And the list go one.

On the other hand, I think things might go well that way too though. It is always good to have people around you reminding you of which you have to achieve next in your milestones. Guys got to build up their career, girls got to build up their family. No matter how much I want to be a successful career person, that is never an excuse for me to neglect my responsibilities for my family. At the end of the day, I don’t want to end up being a single lonely woman staying in a big empty house, owning a big bank account and nothing else.

So, to sum up this long-winded post, I would say i’m happy in love now. Backed up strongly by my parents and my boyfriend is doing great presenting himself. I’m excited for the future, yet nervous at the same time.

May the force be with us always!


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