Pre-Xmas dinner

Met up with some of my fav people at Vivo for dinner. We didn’t take long to decide where to eat. Why do we always end up at Marche? I have no idea. But it was definitely a good choice for a Christmas-themed cozy setting.

And I realize I haven’t brought my Mom here. I should do it next time when she comes visit me 😀


Famous for being such a boring person with food choice, I ordered what I always order. Rosti with smoked salmon. Tasted good as usual.


After dinner, we bought 2 bottles of wine and sat down at the Sentosa Broadwalk. The night ended well. I and Gau headed home to get some rest before the actual full-of-activities Christmas Eve the next day while KC headed to Zouk for some clubbing and more wine. He ended up on his bed by 7AM the next morning and he was clueless why he could make it home.


This year’s Christmas is beautiful!


Pre-Xmas dinner

One thought on “Pre-Xmas dinner

  1. […] As the day before Xmas Eve went so well with some alcohol, I was afraid that we couldn’t make it on time for the lunch at Duong’s house. KC slept for only 3 hours so he was hesitant to wake up. The moment he stepped out of the bed, he was in slo-mo and he was moving that slow (like a snail) until afternoon (when there’s more alcohol pumped in, how ironic!) […]

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