Since i’m on a blogging marathon, I should pull out 1 thought that has been lingering in my mind here for a while so I could forget about it.

Why don’t some people just have some little courtesy to say thank or acknowledge a kind gesture from others while people do something good/give them something?

I know the gift was well-liked. That’s why even with short notice, I tried to speak with the vendor and get it out. It was not really something I could just go out and grab from any shelf in any souvenir shop. In fact, the process was way more than purchase and take. I made the order, bargained, checked on things, made sure stuffs were done at its best, coordinated among several people who shared the gifts. Another guy was kind enough to travel such a damn long journey to collect it. I flew it home, hoped it wouldn’t break into pieces because the airport staff didn’t care what was in my luggage and finally delivered to the end receiver.

While I could imagine some of my friends would be happy to get a Thank you note or something to acknowledge the receipt of the gift and at least show some interest in it (even if it’s not real, fake it), there was no picture and no sound for merely 1.5 month.

I put myself in the shoes of some other people who shared the gift and perhaps I would be asking: what has happened with that present? Has that been well-received and treasured. Yes, speaking about this, I believe my other friend has also helped me send in some cash prezzie which I haven’t received the acknowledgement. Now what is happening here? 1. My friend didn’t give some cash on behalf of me OR 2. The receiver took it for granted and didn’t want to say thanks? Either way, I have already returned my other friends the amount, should I now consider it lost money or WHAT?

Seriously, isn’t it so difficult to show some least politeness? Some basic etiquette shouldn’t be overridden just because we are close. Don’t take that for granted. We could have chosen to not give you anything because we have other valid reasons.

I have been quiet. Because I was extremely disappointed. I don’t expect to hear anything though.


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