Xmas Eve 2011

The plan went successfully on the actual day.

As the day before Xmas Eve went so well with some alcohol, I was afraid that we couldn’t make it on time for the lunch at Duong’s house. KC slept for only 3 hours so he was hesitant to wake up. The moment he stepped out of the bed, he was in
slo-mo and he was moving that slow (like a snail) until afternoon (when there’s more alcohol pumped in, how ironic!)


We made it to Duong’s house at 11.30AM and the other guys came at about 12PM. The host was very welcoming. They even bought some balloons and stuffs to decorate the house. I, Sam and Duong station in the kitchen to prepare for the food while the rest hung out at the living room, hanging decorations or watching TV.


The rain was terrible so the plan of having BBQ in the garden was called off. Instead we heated up a pork knuckle and grilled some chicken wings, prawns and sausages. Sam made such delicious salads while Duong prepared good fruits. Ken and others joined hands to beautify the house.


Check out the spiky dish of prawn, it’s my idea.

Wait a minute, here is the food last year. Obviously it was not as nice as this year’s meal. Talking about this, I’m thankful for everything given to me so I could have such nice meals with nice people.


We should have had 5 bottles of wine but absent-minded Sam and Ken forgot to bring theirs. So 3 bottles were gone in a blink. The guys were crazy about wine so they decided to buy some more in the afternoon.

After we cleaned up for lunch, Duong’s housemates suggested go for bowling. Duy tried to call in and reserve a place but they didn’t accept. We had to make a trip down to Kallang Leisure Park. The journey took about 15 mins and we were caught up in the rain and in the mud.

Upon arrival to Kallang Leisure Park, we found out that there was no available lane for bowling at that moment. Ken and KC wanted to check out the winter wear so we followed them. I indeed got some nice photos posing with the woolen caps. Then Duong said we should probably stop waiting for the bowling since there was no positiveness in getting one soon, she suggested check out a pretty garden nearby and assured all of us would like it. So she lead the way and we followed. The garden turned out to be new and not very fantastic (LOL!) Everyone was asking: where is the garden? while we were actually standing right in the middle of it. The green bed of grass suggested us an idea to do some jumping photos and we got some real awesome takes.


The weather on that day was really a bitch. It rained then stopped, then rained again. And to adapt with that, we walked then run, then walked again.

Dinner time came early. I, Sam and Duong were around the kitchen again. The rest went to the supermarket to buy some more wine. Something has got into Gau that he drank much more than usual. I didn’t try to control this time though since this was a happy occasion and he has been good for the whole year 🙂

After cleaning up for dinner, we gathered at the balcony to enjoy some fresh air. Suddenly the rain came and the talk was substituted by another one in darkness. Prof Ken spoke about BGR and gave KC a lecture on that topic. It was nice but I think I preferred doing some fun and noisy games instead.


We said thanks and byebye to the host when the clock stroke midnight. The day was well-spent and it was memorable.

The next day, I, Gau and KC bought a champaign cake from Swiss Bake to wrap up the long holiday.


I wish everyone have had a Merry Christmas and a great weekend.


Xmas Eve 2011

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