The other half

I spent my New Year’s Eve and the beginning of 2012 with Gau’s family.

Being in where he has grown up, I have gained certain insights and more understanding from his characteristics, habits and thinking. Thankfully to his family (and his relatives) who have treated me like a family member, I felt so much comfortable and easy to get along with. Those were the 3 days well-spent in HCM and Vung Tau.

His mom treated us with so much delicious food from the City. I was supposed to help her out with kitchen stuff but in the end i found myself following her lead, laying the table and arranging the plates. She didn’t let me wash the dishes, instead she always gave me time to watch the TV or encouraged me to eat more fruits. His dad and brother didn’t hold any judgement towards me (I felt that) and they always helped me out with things i needed. The house is filled with warmth and laughter.

His mom also took me to her office and introduced me to her colleagues. To my surprise, they seemed to all know about me, which gave me some chills in the spine and of course got me nervous. His mom did a check on my eyesight and gave me a new pair of specs. When the specs didn’t seem to stay proper on my ears, she insisted on getting it straight. I hope those smiles which I received from her colleagues did mean that I at least lived up to their expectation 🙂

Being on a journey with his family to Vung Tau and meeting a bigger family, I couldn’t help but feeling a little nervous. Again, all of them seemed to know about me. A little disappointingly that Gau wasn’t the one who introduced me to his relatives. Instead his mom did that and introduced me to everyone whom I bumped into. I was impressive that his relatives, aunties, uncles and cousins could memorize my name from the first time i was introduced to them, taken into account of the context that a lot of other people were introduced during the crowd. When I expressed my thought to Gau, he said: Yea, they have heard about you for a few years. I guess now they have just put a face to the name. I was a little hesitant when his relatives called me out to take photos with them, yet I’m happy for knowing that they wanted to include me to the big family.

The sense of humor is hereditary in the family. Too much that I can’t remember all but I would give you some.

Bác 1: Ô Lan và Điêp. Lâu lắm mới nghe lại Lan và Điệp
Bác 2: Nghe mà nẫu cả ruôt. Toàn những đôi đang yêu mà cho chúng nó nghe Lan và Điệp

Bác: Này ăn đi con, ăn nữa nè, nè nè
* i shared with Gau some of my food cos it was too much for me
Bác: Đừng cho nó con, nó có phần bên đó rồi

Bác: Cây mồng tơi là gì? Khi con giải thích cho người nước ngoài con có thể nói là nó giống cái mồng bị muỗi cắn rách tơi tả
Cháu: Ủa nhưng cây đó trông có giống thế đâu bác
Bác: Ủa con hông thấy cái lá nó tơi tả thế này àh?

Cháu 1: Bác với bố nói liên tục
Cháu 2: Toàn bố độc thoại
Bác: Ừa tại ở nhà ổng hổng được nói hahaha

Bác: Tối nay bố ngủ lại đây chứ
Cháu 1: Ông ngủ lại đây đi, được tắm bồn đấy
Cháu 2, 3, …n: Hahahaha
Cháu 2: Hay bác cũng ngủ lại đây với ông đi
Bác: Thôi ngủ với ông chán lắm

So you see how happy I was with a fun family.

For my side, I hope I did behave well in front of everybody. I was trying to keep a low profile, yet reaching out to help as much as I can. All in all, I had good experience and a memorable trip. Now everyone knows who I am, which gives me more pressure yet a clearer vision of where I’m heading to.

I’m thankful for everyone’s acceptance and for their kindness. Thanks for supporting us all along.

The other half

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