“The art of brainstorming” workshop


I have burned out my Saturday without any regret. The workshop was fun and I got to know some few new friends. The exercises were interactive and ideas-provoking, exactly just what I need.

Throughout one assignment, I just came across an idea which I thought “awesome”. Would try to get it black and white down on papers before the heat/motivation/inspiration/spirit/excitement/vibe/hype/whatever it is goes off.

Don’t know how I could survive Day 2 tomorrow since it is now 2.30 and I haven’t headed to bed yet. But I would definitely make it there.

Check out the awesome masterpiece by Tim (forgot his surname!). It was done live right at the workshop. Unbelievable much, but he started out with a blank sheet of paper. That man is crazily incredible.

Check out Day 2 here.

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