What would you need for a perfect run?

As the title suggests, here is the list:

1. A good pair of shoes. They don’t need to look nice, running shoes are usually ugly. As long as they are good, lasting and comfortable for your feet, they would do you good. I’m having a PUMA pink (given by Gau) and I’m totally loving it. Without question, I’m running more than the longest journey I have ever run before, amazing isn’t it?

2. Your music. Put your iPod to an armband and put fast-beat music onto your ears. The music beat goes with your heart beat and that puts you in a right context for exercise.

3. Your partner. Having someone with you would definitely motivate you to extend your limits.

4. Your mind. At the end of the day, everything is all in your mind. You think you can do it, you can do it! You think you’re tired and prefer staying at home to sleep, you would never get to where you want to be.

5. A nice route. How long would you last if you have to run a rocky or mountainous slopes? 1 min? Choose to run in the park or around the neighbourhood, of course when it’s not raining.

Comfy outfits are assumed to be a must for every runner, therefore not mentioned in my list. RunKeeper or any running-performance monitoring apps are optional but recommended, you should know your progress to be self-motivated 🙂

That’s all! I’m gaining some results with the above formula. Hope it will get me further!


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What would you need for a perfect run?

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