Ideas.Inc day 2

As you know I had spent my Saturday fruitfully with Ideas.Inc here, I was burning my Sunday with them again and it was time well-spent.

Kick-started the day with some light yoga, key points to take away from this exercise are:
– Entrepreneurs must know yourselves. There are so many people around you telling you what you do and expect you to achieve this and that. You can’t be anyone’s cup of tea, just be you.
– Entrepreneurs would constantly face mad rush deadlines and zillion of other messes. You have to take time to rest, relax and reflect.
– Know and listen to your body. At the end of the day, your body is one that’s with you. Treat it well.
– Relax your mind and step back often to see things clearer.


Image src: Ideas.Inc Challenge Facebook

For the rest of the day, we were assigned to different activities and we did have time to work on a specific idea (Deric’s!). The exercise was fun and we got to practice our brainstorming, generating and evaluating ideas, storytelling and lastly pitching our ideas to others (aka selling our ideas). It was so exciting to have something to work on and my teammates are great, diverse background, outspoken and most of all, cooperative. At the end of the day, we got a chance to hear other teams’ ideas and observe how investors, judges react and critique an idea. Points to take away from the judging panels:

– Your idea essentially must make difficult things easy, expensive things cheap, slow things fast. If everything fails, your idea must be at least entertaining.
– Communication skill plays an important part in getting your idea across. There’s no point to have a brilliant idea if you don’t know how to sell it. The guy next door with an average idea could simply defeat you if he can communicate and connect with people to buy his idea.
– Start early! Keep on falling and you will get to where you want to be one day.

Burning the weekend plus extensive mental work is honestly tiring but the workshop was truly worth attending. It was so great to be able to meet like-minded people, aspiring entrepreneurs with their pools of ideas and passionate folks who untiringly tries to get their ideas reached out for more.

What’s next? I’m joining my new friends to take part in The 24hr Biz Challenge next week. Stay tuned for more fun stuff.

What else? I’m having an idea which I believe it’s “awesome”. Do watch out for it at WOW! in the making. I’m building something up and I can’t wait to share with people.

That’s all for now but check out the cool stuff below 🙂


Ideas.Inc day 2

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