People like Yishun Fiend (yishunfriend@gmail.com) are weird.

Tried to start a fight with me when putting her #stupid #idiot comment on my blog. And when I treated her with an F word, she’s aroused to comment more.

If you have nothing worth saying, then it’s best to keep silent.

Are you still offended because I criticized you? Well, grow up. Following up on that just proves you are sucky (and stinky). I decide not to be too mean to you because you are pathetic. I know 2 of your kind didn’t like me. But don’t you know half of the office didn’t like both of you? Does that make you feel better because people did bother to dislike you?

In this festive season, people are overwhelmed with family’s love and care. What are you doing there? Jealous much, being lonely, stalking on my blog and barking nonsense rubbish. As much as you have proved it, I feel it fully from you.

So, have a good break and enjoy our LNY 🙂 Thanks for checking my ass out.You must have desired to kiss it. Now i sincerely think you should just invest your time and thoughts to take care of yourself. That would make this world a better place.

*A friendly wave from me.

Update: I was doing the tagging and guess what, I don’t even remember what your fucking names are, honestly. It’s been way too long and the fact that you’re still checking out on me makes me touched! Thanks for the love…


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