Tet 2012

To sum up the most-recent 3 days of Tet, I have 3 words: sleep, eat and read. The weather has been crazily cold and as I’m tying this, I’m hella shivering. The only happiness for me is lazing around in the blanket reading The lost symbol. The secondary happiness would be eating with my family and at the same time, chatting. My Dad couldn’t be serious for 1 min. If he ever could, the next moment he would crack a joke and everyone else burst out laughing (sometimes rofl literally).

I haven’t been online for 2 days and I feel totally fine about it. I have no urge to check my email or facebook and now when i have just done, I dont feel like scrolling down to see what my friends have been up to. Everyone must have been enjoying family time. Food, drinks, gatherings and happy faces are all over Facebook. If only I could feel this no-urge thing in Singapore 😀 From today conversations, I have learnt that my parents and parent’s friends are also … on Facebook. They … read everything. One of the aunts even told me that my Facebook is inaccessible, which is true. Don’t get me wrong here because I think it’s not a problem that family and acquaintances check out my Facebook. However, this is to remind me that I need to be alerted and censor all the content published there. Now when everything is digitalized and media is created, it’s hard to get rid of any trace.

Like all my single friends and even when I’m attached, I’m scared when people ask me about my bf. I know I shouldn’t have been and I should appreciate the concerns. Yet I can’t help but naturally feeling shy answering the questions. Once a question is entertained, the next one will come up and it’s gonna be forever. My Dad has been so funny that he proposed to address the questions (if any) for me. This is a testing scenario:

Chu: Tun co ban trai chua?
Bo: Roi
Chu: No o dau?
Bo: O Phu Quoc (Just becos G is travelling at PQ)
Ca nha: LOL

And guess what, now instead of the question “have you had a boyfriend?”, I am now asked “when will you get married?”. Dad has been practically told me in front of the quests “well, you know it’s time you face the question”. Sigh, can I just lay low for the moment? The best solution that I have been practising so far is acting blur and acting shy (wait, I am actually shy when discussing this matter *blush face*). That works somehow hahaha.

I think I would be saying a lot more about my Tet until a second my mind was distracted and I googled “Ngô Thị Bích Hạnh“. So you have known this is my newly-found inspiration juice. Check this out! Another good news, there is a dedicated MTV Vietnam channel woo! I’m really excited to know how MTV Vietnam and YanTV could compete or complement. I will stay tuned!

Tet 2012

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