I feel crap!

When was the last time you felt so freaking nervous in front of someone? Mine was just the day yesterday. I didn’t know what happened to me. I had no fear, no judgement, no expectation, nothing, yet i dont know why the fuck my cheeks turned warm. Okay, i wouldn’t say i was blushing, i would rather put it as i was n.e.r.v.o.u.s. It was so funny that I wasn’t nervous in front of a client or when i was supposed to do something important, yet I was nervous in front of someone ordinary. Like, what the hell man??! I didn’t know what got into me, damn!

Perhaps my nerve was having a disorder at that moment.

I have this kind of expectation, at the same time avoidance. I was afraid of judgement, yet I wanted to be seen. Damn it, the freaking whole thing is crap! Hope this will pass soon.

And by the way, it seems like all my prejudice has gone wrong haha! Sometimes I myself laugh at how i perceived things with just a first glance. Don’t worry about the first impression, everything can change.

I don’t know what i’m typing here. I was too tired, yet it was Friday I want to stay up late. Want to watch movies, want to read a little.

Oh, btw, if there’s something to be happy about, I finished the Report! YAY!

Never mind, i’d better stop being crappy and finish my Faster now.


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