15km trekking

It was a lovely sunny morning last Sunday when Gau woke me up and begged for a trekking. I was like: Duh, i’m still sleepy and I’m lazy, but he was successful in persuading me though. I got out of bed, quickly finished the morning ritual and threw myself on the chair. I felt bloated and sleepy still. Gau made breakfast and prepared extra clothes.

One hour later, we were at MacRitchie Reservoir. Gau searched for a route on his iPhone and we started the journey in no time.

The journey was way too long. As when I thought 10km would be all, I saw the Exit sign and 5.5km to go. I crossed check with Gau: does it mean we need to walk another 5km to get out, he said: Yes. @_@

We even passed by a golf course and caught a couple of women practising. We rested for a few minutes on the greens and checked out the fellow trekkers. No one seemed as sweaty as us, literally.

It was good exercise indeed, plus the weather was just nice. We will target to do this once every week.


15km trekking

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