This is a way overdue post which I wanted to talk about my exercise stuff

For all my life, I have always known I am a kind of sports fan. Things that I practised include basketball, swimming, badminton. Leisurely, there are gym, skateboarding, jogging. However, there is something i know i couldn’t boost about is my running. I was literally suck at running. In the past, I couldn’t even run for 1km. If I happened to succeed anything, I would lose my breath and feel like I was about to die a minute after. That was the most horrible feeling that I could ever get.

Things are changing.

I started running about half a year ago with Gau. The intention was just to get his ass out of the house and exercise. So I was more of a company to him, rather than a fellow runner. As such, I ran for a few metres then jogged for the rest of the journey. Last Xmas, he got me a new pair of PUMA shoes, which forced me to take running more seriously. When there’s investment, there should be ROI – as you know. So I tried a little bit harder everyday.

The route that we always followed was the neighbourhood, so one round is about 1.5km. First day, I ran about 500m and felt like dying. 2nd day, I ran one forth of the round and felt much better. The 3rd day, I ran slowly and tried to keep my breath steady, I made half a round. Feeling so motivated and happy, I kept it up and tried to run slowly every time. The last record I had from the day before yesterday (yesterday was Valentine’s day, therefore no exercise *blush) was nearly 4km. Awesome or what? And above all, I didn’t have the dying-feeling anymore. For Gau, he was better than me and made it 5-7km nowadays.

Through all this, Gau was trying to persuade me to run a marathon in April. I was somehow convinced and we will do a 10km one. What is the worst that can happen? I would just walk to the destination point and that’s it. LOL. Cross our fingers for keeping up the practice and improvements.

This is going to be a thing for us to celebrate.


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