2012 Valentine’s gift

I wanted to get Gau a new watch for Valentine’s this year; however, before he can choose something he likes I have chosen mine. Check out my new Adidas watch, thanks to Gau :*

I love the miniature packaging and being a sporty person, I resonate with the three stripes of Adidas (read: lame vanity). The box comes in handy with a freaking thick manual. Don’t ask me why it’s that thick cos I never read manual. The design of the watch is simple, yet sporty. The face is easy to read with big numbers and clearly-visible hands. The overall size is just nice for my hands and the striking pink color is attention grabbing. I like the Adidas logo at the end of the strap. The triangular shape was like an arrow telling me to “proceed”, or “take action”, or “(just) do it”. I like my watch being sporty like that.

Thanks my babe for the present. Hope he will come across something he likes soon, as much as how I like mine. Donning my Adidas watch tomorrow to work, woot!

2012 Valentine’s gift

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