Blueberry craze

It’s been a while that both I and Gau have had a craving for some sweet cakes but we didn’t do anything about it. So when Gau went out for a swim on Saturday, he dropped by Swiss Bake and IKEA to get us some blueberry craze.

My verdict:

Swiss Bake Blueberry slice: It’s a little too sweet to my liking. The base wasn’t that crispy and crunchy as how I wanted it to be. Yet, the jelly fruits on top were nice and refreshing. I grade this 7/10.

IKEA Blueberry cake: If you have put this into the fridge long enough, you might as well get a blueberry ice-cream. It is only slightly sweet and the fruit flavor makes me really like it. The way to eat this cake is cutting it into tiny cubes. Once you have put the cube into your mouth, don’t chew and just let it melt onto your tongue. You might just feel as happy as you’re having an ice-cream. I would grade this 9/10.

Till next time, get fat.

Blueberry craze

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