When I turn 24

I feel obliged to write about my birthday even though it was just another ordinary day.

I woke up this morning, feeling crap. Reason is I ran late yesterday, which made me end up staying late as well. I skipped the alarm twice until my stomach makes noise and that was when i decided i need to do something about it. After the morning ritual, I had a cup of cereal, ate a banana and a pear then got a few biscuits before going out. I watered the plants and felt happy for some seconds when I saw a few new leaves popping up. Then I rushed to the bus stop, tried to catch one before i ran late for work. On the way to work, I kept thinking if I should expect something special happening today although at the back of my mind i know there isn’t really anything to expect.

So there wasn’t really anything to expect.

Morning at office was peaceful. Some colleagues started to notice my cool “fake” tattoo that i got in the weekend. I feel cool being the only one who has a visible tattoo. Hahaha, how vain! Afternoon, we ran about for meetings. Ok, I’m not comfortable with people who just fresh starts looking at me like some fresher starter. I mean, c’mon, it’s just one simple idea and I was having more experience than you okay, why did you treat me like a kid who could just manage to pronounce the some words correctly. Sigh… perhaps i was being too sensitive. Back to office, 1 colleague was telling me not to be offended if he was grumpy, another colleague told me I should have checked on something before proceeding with something else. And I was so grateful both of them told me this. I mean, I really appreciate their frankness and honesty. I don’t like those who vent their anger or frustration to someone else just because he/she is having a bad day. If you’re not happy with me, tell me. If you think I do something wrong, tell me. As long as your argument is valid and it fits the situation, I will take it.

I was too digressing in work stuff I think.

Anyways, back to the birthday thing. I feel so grateful today with where I am now. I couldn’t be here, feeling contented, happy and hopeful without the support from my family, Gau and my friends. I couldn’t ask for more.

Thanks for the love! I’m blessed to have what I’m having now.

When I turn 24

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