my Gau

Gau has flied home for the weekend and I’m all alone in the house now. With this quietness, I realize I have more than thousands of reasons to love him.

– Gau does cooking.
– Gau plans travel schedule and books everything
– Gau reminds me of my important stuff
– Gau nags me when I’m lazy, procrastinate or just being a coward
– Gau asks me what I have for lunch everyday
– Gau says You are annoying when I’m being annoying
– Gau does laundry
– Gau shuts up when I scratch his back
– Gau lets me clip his finger nails. And he gets me clip his feet nails too.
– Gau says Yes whenever I asks him if I look fat.
– Gau holds my hand everywhere
– Gau is angry when his Mom calls me but not him and when I say: oh because your Mom loves me more
– Gau asks Is it comfy? whenever I get a new pair of heels
– Gau lets me wear his boxer and shirt
– Gau hugs me when I’m down, saying things will be better
– Gau says You are disgusting when I’m describing my literal shit
– Gau will never give me the bolster that his Mom get for him
– Gau gets me plants and he nags me for watering too much
– Gau plants a kiss on my cheek while i was sleeping and before he goes to work
– Gau says he’s proud of me when I dress up and put on make up to go out with him and his friends
– Gau does cleaning
– Gau texts me at 9AM every morning to ask if I’ve waken up
– Gau hates going shopping with me. If he have joined me otherwise, he would look for shirts for his Mom and ask me to try them on

And Gau says he loves me every night …

my Gau

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