The Roving Epicure

My briend (boss/friend) has just started a food and travel blog named: The Roving Epicure (please google cos the 1st result is it, I don’t want my briend to know about this blog of mine). So I was helping her with some misc stuff. Good thing about this is we can learn together. She’s like a client of mine and it’s so fun playing around with the project. This client has no fixed timeline and is open to all suggestions. I could just throw any idea I have out without being afraid of being judged.

The other day we went out for a meeting and we were about 30 mins early. We landed at Starbucks and what we did was discussing about the logo for TRE lol. Now the logo is done and the stickers have arrived in office yesterday. It’s so exciting when we can actually get physical with the project. FYI, in our day job, we don’t get to touch any digital stuff. Who can touch a website or a banner right? That explains the excitement when we got our hands on the stickers.

And seeing the numbers grow by days is great!

The Roving Epicure

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