Penang, May 2012

This is a backdated post of my trip to Penang, the 2nd destination in my Exploring-Malaysia plan this year.

I stayed at George Town, an old small town. Before the trip, I knew i couldn’t expect happenings since from all i know there isn’t anything much to do in Penang. The only thing I expected was eating a lot and gaining some weights.

The town turns out to be quite boring. There are some temples and statues to see however you shouldn’t be expect much for the excitement. At night, the town is pretty creepy. Old buildings, little lights on the street, all closed doors after 8 gave me some chills when walking on the streets. It was exciting for certain lanes though where there are push carts and street food.

Penang is famous for its food. I thought i could have tried a lot of specialties but there turned out to be only one specialty: Assam Laksa. I can’t take the Singapore laksa for its coconut milk and the orangy-looking soup but with Penang assam laksa, i think i can take 2 bowls at a time. The presentation for assam laksa is really not nice. At first i was a little reluctant and unsure about the messy mixture in my laksa, however after much persuasion and assurance from Gau that this laksa is no where near Singapore laksa, I braved the first sip. Man, the soup is soooo nice. I think we had laksa for either lunch or dinner 2 days in a row after the first try. It is said that you can only find authentic Penang assam laksa in Penang, I wonder if this is true. For all other food, you can find in Singapore or other cities in Malaysia, however the taste is a little nicer in Penang IMO (or probably i’m just paranoid). And obviously eating in Penang is damn cheap. I think I have just tortured myself with all those thoughts about Penang food when I’m this hungry at the middle of the night.

Public transport in Penang is quite accessible. Buses are easy to take and the all drivers i met spoke English. The cool thing about Penang buses is there is FREE WIFI on some Rapid Penang bus, the first city offering free wifi on the bus that i know.

To sum up, if you want to go for a trip with no purpose, i think Penang is a good place to consider.

Check out how much we had eaten for 5 days.

Inline image 1Inline image 2Inline image 3Inline image 5Inline image 7Inline image 8Inline image 9Inline image 10Inline image 11Inline image 12Inline image 13Inline image 14Inline image 15Inline image 16Inline image 17Inline image 18Inline image 19Inline image 20Inline image 21Inline image 22Inline image 23Inline image 24Inline image 25Inline image 26Inline image 27

And check out some nice scenery i took with the SONY

Inline image 28Inline image 29Inline image 30Inline image 31Inline image 32Inline image 33Inline image 34Inline image 35Inline image 36Inline image 37Inline image 38Inline image 39Inline image 40Inline image 41Inline image 42Inline image 43Inline image 44Inline image 45Inline image 46Inline image 47Inline image 48Inline image 49Inline image 50Inline image 51Inline image 52Inline image 53Inline image 55Inline image 56Inline image 57Inline image 58Inline image 59Inline image 60

Inline image 54

Till next time, Kuching!

Penang, May 2012

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